Youth of all over the world are with us. Join you aslo!


To secure your place in the camp you have to make prepayment 50%, the total payment has to be done before chosen shift in the camp. .

ОPayment can be made by bank transfer or in cash.

Bank transfer details: Recipient: Spordiklubi Lukas Basket IBAN EE411010220085533016, SWIFT or BIC code EEUHEE2X, AS SEB Bank

This year we have 6 shifts, every shift 10 days:

  1. 28.06–08.07 (8-20 years old)
  2. 08.07–18.07 (8-20 years old)
  3. 18.07–28.07 (16-20 years old)
  4. 28.07–07.08 (16-20 years old)
  5. 07.08–17.08 (16-20 years old)
  6. 17.08–27.08 (16-20 years old)

Explanation of payment: Camp participant first and last name, year, contact phone number

Example of explanation of payment :

Example: Ivan Ivanov, Nõva 2016, 55 555 555

To register to camp you have to fill in the form, be sure to specify the e-mail addres. Information about bank transfer is possibel to get from phone number: +37259074497 (Angele) or we will sent your confirmation to your e-mail or by SMS.

The place in camp is sure when the total payment or prepayment 50% is done. If you chose to make only prepayment then the rest of the payment has to be done two weeks before chosen shift. The second part of the payment can also be done in cash on leaving day. ( If there is any complications please contact us personally). Неоплаченные путевки поступают в свободную продажу.

In case you want to pay in cash or have any further questions, contact phone: +37259074497 (Angele).

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